Best games 2020 don't miss these games have a good time.

Latest games for the year 2020 
If you like games will present you the latest games that stirred a sensation and loaded voluminously and these games are fantastic in 2020 don't miss these games experiences.

Best games 2020 don't miss these games have a good time.
Best games 2020

Best games 2020 don't miss these games have a good time.
Latest games for the year 2020 

1- Kingdom heart 3

best games

Kingdom heart 3

Extraordinary game that will draw your attention from the first second they include characters known to all people in all parts of the world, you are about to fight a new adventure hero pool Sora with supernatural power and magic sword which is similar to Donald Duck's girlfriend and key and Goofy in their attempt to stop the evil forces and prevent it from Take over the world.

A game mix between adventure games and Disney Pixar movies that's why you see a lot of famous cartoon characters making them suitable game for ages and also attract a wide audience, as it is one of the oldest chains which continued until today, confirming the success and popularity As the fictional game aimed at lovers of animated films and games alike.

2- Crackdown 3

Best games 2020
Crackdown 3

Most Microsoft games exciting enthusiasm for several reasons, mainly large production, as we'll see in Central and environment play a futuristic city fall events with giant buildings that look where the characters are very small in comparison.

On the other hand, the characters themselves are extremely impressive, since you'll have in the game, special powers enabling it to jump long distances and fast movement which is necessary in an environment of huge toys like this, but it does not stop here, since you will be able to carry cars and dilapidated plots to use anything as a weapon to attack or defend About yourself!

3- Anthem

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Game from Bio ware development and looks perfectly integrated in terms of gameplay and story, I decided that gods manufacture sophisticated tools and techniques to create named Anthem of creation to destroy the planet and rehabilitation. To receive a new life,

 But for some reason unknown to everyone, that gods before you finish what you started, leaving behind those machines without the haul.

These machines work date radical changes in the world, created a hostile environment savage made survival a top priority for any object, so we can say that the game combines science fiction with a touch of magic and mystery!

Along the story, as players will face the evil forces wearing an armored suit like a robot to fly high or do successive jumps are awesome, and this means you will enjoy seamless control in all environments, land or sea, that's why regardless of the adventures that you will be taking it just In this captivating world roaming will be fun in itself.

4- Metro Exodus

We will see a completely different paradigm shift in this part, the game itself in deep underground train tunnels inside Russian cold, but this time going out to complement your adventure on Earth and explore Russia along geographical.

Not only that, the developers have done their best to make the game look as realistic as possible, roaming in Russia would take too long, that's why you'll notice seasons during your trip you feel how the length of time it took your adventure, with seasons we'll see new sides in the game show that Life in Russia after the nuclear disaster after the game's events revolved in the nuclear winter cold which covered all places with snow.

And just like cascade chapters, you will notice the succession of day and night, too, if I play the same environment once at night and once in the daytime, and remarkable you face different beasts for each time of day.

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By  Islam Mahmoud

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