Make Money Blogging: From 0 to $200+ per day (2024)

The proper way to profit from creating a blogger blog and linked to a paid domain | course won $ 200 + per day | Explain link: GoDaddy domain on  Your blog to get your blog  site  professionally starting a blog.
home business $ 200 + per day (2020) GoDaddy domain: Lesson two
Website builder

 Make Money Blogging: From 0 to $ 200 + per day (2024)

Lesson two
website builder
GoDaddy who is
 The second step now is to go to your blog on Blogger and open the settings then basic and go to add a new domain and write the domain to show you this picture as above because the Blogger blog requires you to link the Google servers to the domain finder, As in the picture to upload a file on your computer you save it in any place and then go 
After entering the site of GoDaddy  login, click for more, as in the picture to show the list of the last first option Import Zone File to show you a pop-up page to choose the file zone you have accepted and agree to the conditions and lift, waiting for a few minutes and sometimes an hour and a maximum of 48 hours To link the domain to the blog and will eventually work easily without complications  And often it will send you GoDaddy promo code.

Looking very much the way link domain starting with Blogger blog and find one way and Google servers are linked with your hands and this has lead to many errors, especially if you are a professional or a first time you bind domain blogger blog starting today I will present to you a simple and easy and because Want you any effort to link domain starting on Blogger blog using the Zone File  create a website.

How do we connect the GoDaddy domain to a blogger blog? 

We also said that there is a traditional way and everyone is always explaining it by using Google servers to link manually. 

This may lead to many mistakes, especially if you are a novice. Here's a new and simple way you might first know it via File Zone or File Zone on Goody  Website builder.

First, you open your account on GoDaddy  and then go to your name on the top to show you this list Choose Manage My Domains  aquaria  as in the picture to go to another page where you Domains Choose the domain you want to register in his name in GoDaddy and click on it to show you the page Other With three options, select DNS ZONE FILE  free website builder.

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Make Money Blogging From 0 to $ 200 + per day (2020)

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