best sites that will pay you to write articles online :writing courses part 2

If you want to earn money by writing online for others, here are 5 sites where you can get paid to write your articles.

best sites that will pay you to write articles online: writing courses part 2
Writing courses

Best sites that will pay you to write articles online: part 2

1- women on writing: $ 50-100

2- strong whispers: $ 50-150
3-CollegeHumor: $ 25-150 $ 100-200

5-Metro Parent: $ 50- $ 75

But before you move to the sites I present to you the best way to learn for free  screenwriting classes.

How can you work in these areas?

Now that you have learned the ways of earning money from writing, we will provide you with quick tips that will help you to gain employment in one of these seven areas that we have mentioned  writing tools .

You may think now that to work in his texts, necessary to be a specialist in one of the humanities, be competent in the fields of literature or advertising. But I know that everyone knows how to read and write can write very well  writing a check !

Of course, if you have competence in a particular area may be language study includes writing easier. But if you know that you can develop your writing skill!

1-Choose an area you work

best sites that will pay you to write articles online: writing courses part 2
Writing courses

Regardless of the type of subject you are talking about, at a certain moment we find all the different areas need to type certain text, even if the scientific text. For this, choose an area to work through its creative classes writing .


If you are a civil engineer, you can set up scientific articles that talk about engineering, and share your knowledge about it writing desk . Who knows? You may turn your articles into a digital book ebook and you can sell it online for those who have questions or interested in learning more about this specific area  online writing courses !

2-Always studying.

After selecting the area you want to work in, be time to specialize. Always study, eventually each topic in its developments, where minor changes daily on everything we do  grant writing courses .

Follow cycles, looking everywhere, and don't let you limit your creativity. Even if you worked several years ago in your market, there is always something new you can learn or improve on your approach  writing book .

3. Read a lot.

best sites that will pay you to write articles online: writing courses part 2
Writing courses

This advice may seem similar to the previous advice, but complementary jobs  writing !

Of course you have to read a lot about the area in which it operates, but don't you think that the reading process by end here!

To become a good writer, you need to know about many topics. This is because the more we read, the more I gained more knowledge about other areas where books, and this can be very helpful when writing texts  grant writing classes .

So if you want to make money from writing, don't limit your contacts. But always tried to expand it as much as possible by reading the different themes  writing games .

4. Practice

Maybe you've heard that writing is a matter of training! And believe that this idea is not a myth!

The more I wrote, the more I used more on preparation and writing texts. That's why even if you looked it's hard at first, don't neglect writing and don't stop  writing board !

You can start by writing small texts and gradually be able to develop huge topics. What is important here is to start and don't back down before the first difficult experience  writing help .

Gradually you will realize that the writing process becomes easier and faster. Plus, you can always rely on the techniques and methods that can help you write better scripts  writing city .

What do you think of these tips? Do you think they can help you reach your dream of earning money from writing?

Share your thoughts via the comments area, or tell us about your experiences if you have previous experience in writing!

Good luck and goodbye in another publication and other codified!

By  Islam Mahmoud

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