Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania

🎇Zumba Mania is a type of marble shooting game, where you have to marble rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them. Zumba Mania, the balls or marbles will come into the marble and you will have to aim your marble shooter carefully to create three marbles of the same colors.

🎇🎇 Game Features: 🎇🎇
💣 Two game modes and over 400 challenging levels.
💣 Many secret maps to make marble shooting games more addicting.
💣 6+ magic props: back, pause, magic, lighting, bomb, colorful.
💣 Classic marble plus, adventure mode, and challenge mode.
💣 Easy to learn but difficult to master.

🎇 How to play: Zumba Mania: 🎇
1. Touch the screen where you want to take the photo.
2. Match at least 3 identical balls to eliminate them. Destroy all the marble lines in the chain before it reaches the end.
3. Marble shooting more combos and chains of marble shooting to get the highest score, try to get three stars in each level in the marble games!

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