earn money from design and programming (A Game Developer)

Obsess many technical companies bearing the names of the games companies are known for billions of dollars because of the evolution of gaming markets dramatically in past years, where many wish to enter the field of electronic games and designing his first game and maybe someday get this fame and power in the field of gaming, Therefore we offer you a guide to teach you how to design games for beginners and medium performance and Pro.

earn money from design and programming (Code games)
Code games

earn money from design and programming (Code games)

Game design is not easy at all, game design steps begin by choosing an idea, then design great quality images, as well as designing audio suitable for each scene, and then eventually programming and code games comes to apply the game scenario.

To go into that area and create your first game you must pass several steps as follows:

A- choosing an idea:

Select your game and select your target audience and then choose which devices will work on your game whether the game will work on PC only, or will smartphones only, or will work on both. 

Select the type of game if it's going to be some sort of game is FBS games that focus on killing with guns and where the player controls one character, or is it a Platform game, where the player must overcome hurdles to jump through, or is it a Role-playing game in which the player assumes characters within the fantasy, and the M social game requires communication between people to play together.

Finally the game scenario must be written in something like a screenplay or film serials.

earn money from design and programming (Code games)
Code games

B- design images:

It is possible to rely on the default images that came with the games industry, but perhaps also needs to manufacture your own game images, in which case you will need one of these programs.

-Photoshop for photo and Graphic industry

-Gimp (Alternative Photoshop )

C- design audio:

And also can depend on the default sounds that came with the games industry, but perhaps also need your own game audio industry, and in this case you will need one of these programs.

-Adobe Audition
-FL Studio

D- Programming:

After you finish designing the game everything as mentioned in the previous steps, we need to create a software system that combines all of the above under the administration of one software system, so you will need to learn a language C # or C + to create this system.

Also These languages and engines you can depend on to design games.

Java language
Unity language
Unreal engine games
CryEngine engine Games 

If you are a beginner, don't worry, there are programs that provide you a lot in programming (code games) and you are this task the software used in the game industry are many and varied, and each program has a specific purpose is different from other programs, the following will offer you top shows which are used in the video game industry.

1-Game Maker

Famous maker Game program with ease in the 2D gaming industry without having to code background, everything is done through a simple software interface through the available menus.

3D games can work with the same program but lack some elements that make Game program maker is ideal for making 3D games, but remains an ideal choice for 2D games industry, as well as ideal for beginners.

2-Dark Basic

For anyone who wants to game design stints; dark program basic is a programming language akin to English, you can create any kind of full games and as you want. Whether you want to design games, 3D or bilateral or mobile phone games; the Dark basic lets you do that simply by providing a huge library of Graphics and audio.

Share your thoughts via the comments area, or tell us about your experiences if you have previous experience in writing!

Good luck and goodbye in another publication and other codified!

By Islam Mahmoud

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