Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free

Making an Animated Movie Course

 Introduction to the course

Welcome to book animations making an animated movie course my name is more and the father of animation Studios and the director and animator of three animated short films including our latest production taste for this course I will tell you everything I've learnt from making that phone as well as some lessons for making other ones from what motivates me to making a film to begin with to brainstorming ideas how to write your script working with concept artists creating a storyboard and making an animatic from those boards will go over my entire 3D production pipeline from the way I structure my project folders to what each department in the pipeline does over modelling reggae animating texturing lighting rendering will learn how to create a previous for your phone working with cameras in 3D and even talk about voice acting will get into editing sound design music and colour correction have you gone included an entire section about marketing which I believe is a very important part of filmmaking I go over creating a poster and a trailer for or your film create Prescot submitted to festivals and even making a great portfolio website for yourself and your phone is a course I wanted to make for a very long time but I had to wait until I finished making taste well so I can really get in deep into everything I went through making that film after using making one film after another and writing dozens of articles and making hundreds of videos about the process I've broken it all down to this 30 lesson video course I decided to give it away for free the reason for that is that I wanted to create one big thing that anyone who visited our website can just take and learn from we have a lot of paid high-end specialised courses in our library about anything from making professional storyboards to making graphic novels to learning how to anime with the best animation programs in the world but I was hoping that with this course will be able to understand better what is the actual process of making animated short film from beginning to end and then maybe get a better idea of what you want to learn more about or maybe you'll the I said this isn't for you at all my hopefully that's not the case that go with this course is to motivate you to get started making your own film which is always the most important thing you can do if you want to become a filmmaker filmmaking is about making films and have you decided to sign up and I hope you enjoy this course and learn from it that's good started.

Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free part 1

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