Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free part 1

Why Make a Film?

So why make a short to begin with is definitely not profitable you not going to be distributed in theatres and you're rich from it no one is probably going to commission you to make one to so making a short usually comes from the person wanting to make one that's you making a short film is crucial to animators wanting to be filmmakers and for people who are just working in the animation industry it's important so that they know the production pipeline that's why most animation degrees end up with a student making a short film when they graduate if you're thinking of getting a termination maybe you're trying to do it on your spare time without going through a four-year degree program then you should seriously consider making a short film on your own they are basically two main reasons anyone might want to make an animated your phone the first is that they are aspiring filmmakers and they want to become directors and make movies and the second reason is there having a hard time getting hard in the industry and they want to get noticed so if you want to be a filmmaker just keep making one thing after another as the best way to make sure you're on the right path bath if you're making one because you want to work in the industry may be as an animator model irregular or whatever it is then you might need to be mindful of what kind of movie you want to make you to think about what you're trying to get out of the film the goal is to get your skills represented in the best way possible what I mean by that is that if you don't want to be an animator then maybe making a film about five characters heavily interacting with each other is in the best idea for you when I met my student phone food for thought I knew I wanted to give my animation skills as much room as possible because I wanted to be an animator so I didn't waste any production time on skills I knew I'd never do again like modelling and texturing so I kept the characters as basic as I could and I use the help of a modular to make them my phone had two characters in one location now I can concentrate on the interaction between them and I worry about environment marlin lighting texturing and all that stuff stuff they're also one of the animation to not be too challenging so that I could push it as far as I could without spending an exterminator time that's why I chose the fish they don't have legs or fingers are basically a floating head know my sound like I was lazy but there wasn't it I knew how hard it is down to me so I tried giving myself the best chance of making great animation without taking more than I can handle I was just a beginner animal after all I didn't forget that others had films which had to the three human characters and wind up with the mediocre animation that's because animating full body people is really really hard and takes a long time the bottom of what I'm trying to say is that you should only take projects he know he can handle and more importantly that you know you can finish and finish them well start your project without finishing is worse than not starting at all it's a huge waste of time the reasons I feel making a short film is important for people who want to be part of the animation industry that sounds good to you then let's get started first will

need an idea I'll talk about my way of coming up with ideas in the next lesson.

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Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free part 2

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