6 Crazy Cars You Can Only Buy In Dubai


crazy cars

A life of luxury means the finest clothes the most exclusive clubs and of course the fastest rides and you can better than all of this and more can be found in Dubai we want to highlight a rather over-the-top wealthy lifestyle of Dubai in general using a list of outrageous cars to prove it after today's video where sure you're saying where else in the world would you find these type of cars stick around for our look at a diamond Mercedes a gold Lamborghini and a fleet of police supercars oh yeah you heard that right let's look at the crazy cars you can only buy in Dubai stuff 

Mercedes-Benz SL600
Mercedes-Benz SL600

we want to show off this of diamond covered Mercedes-Benz SL600 and we say cupboard we absolutely mean it from top to bottom this german-made supercar has 300000 crystals on a rope the trim the rooms of the car all of it just checked out there like this that would be none other than Prince alwaleed bin talal alsaud who has a staggering net worth of more than 18.7 billion dollars the 2024 model of the Mercedes-Benz SL600 has a pretty heavy Price Tag of $292,500 but this one-of-a-kind diamond kodi version that is only found in Dubai yeah it cost just about 4.8 million box if that was enough prince alwaleed charges $1,000 to anyone who wants to touch his car we gonna say if it's goal is to find a way to get back some of the money he spent on the car we think he's done.

devel 16
Devel Sixteen

It next up we got one of the most unique and visually striking cars in the world it's the Devel Sixteen and it was first unveiled at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show what are the specs on this bad boy a 12.3 litre v16 engine 5000 HP top speed of nearly 560 km per hour if it's performance you're after the Devel Sixteen may just be the car you're looking for after all this engine will give you 5 times the output of the Bugatti Veyron or car that in 2024 goes for 1.9 million so how much does the devel Sixteen go for as you can imagine due to its rarity exclusivity and I wondering power and put it in sheep at all we even go so far as to say it's devilishly expensive you find the Devel in three different price tiers a bass version reportedly starting at around 1.6 million and upgraded mid-range variant costing $1.8 billion can then there's the top-of-the-line 5000 HP version which will cost you a whopping 2.2 million.


You a fan of Lamborghinis how could you not be these italian-made hypercars are synonymous with luxury and power but even though they may be Italian made one of the craziest Lamborghinis on the planet is only found in Dubai and it's this solid gold Lamborghini yes you heard that right folks or Lamborghini Aventador normally at $573,966 car has been upgraded in the most extra way possible by being crafted out of solid gold the Aventador Started From a solid block of gold weighing in at 1100 pounds from there but they don't think ring and a little adding of the Bells and whistles and soon the car had 55 pounds of solid gold all over it is apparently drugs great then will absolutely leave its competition in the dust but the price as you can imagine it's up there to the tomb of $7.5 million.

Lamborghini cop car in Dubai

we got another Lamborghini you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere at 7 to buy it's a Lamborghini cop car let that sink in for a second in Dubai the police have a Lamborghini cop car at their disposal good luck outrunning them or not this is only one car in their super fleet there also harbouring a Bugatti Veyron a Ferrari and a Bentley on others but this Lamborghini Aventador it's a £294,000 coin that has been completely repainted to match the standard work for the Dubai police department really freaking awesome if you ask us but it certainly makes us think twice before trying to OutRun the police in Dubai so if that was there go then we'd say the plane is working.

Lykan Hypersport
Lykan Hypersport

Or next to luxury sports car is produced by none other than W Motors a company that is based in Dubai this is the lykan hypersport if you wanted a car that was unique to Dubai then you really can't get much closer than this one it was first seen in the fast and the furious franchise in their April 11th 2015 release 7 way to sort a worldwide gross of 1.516 billion what makes this car extra extra is the fact that it's sports rubies and other precious gems In the front lights and the seats there stayed with gold thread but don't you worry the car in just for show you can go from zero to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds fight as with all these cars expected quite a bit for that performance 3.4 million is the price tag for the hypersport.

Uber in dubai
Uber taxi service in Dubai

The next car we want to Showcase may leave your job on the floor not because it's a McLaren 650s but because it very well could be your ride the next time you order an uber in Dubai this is the result of a joint campaign between uber and Mclaren which allows people to give one of the most beautiful supercars in the world a 15-minute test drive when they order their uber taxi service the result of this campaign some of the most heavily customers ever these cars have it word counts they sport a 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 as well as 650 HP and 501 lb-ft when asked how they felt about driving it one patron was quoted as saying it dry very much like a luxury saloon car what that lucky driver didn't realise is that they were just cruising around in a 459,250,00 dollar beast of a sports car wishing that you could have been that lucky over patron who got to drive the McLaren don't worry the next time you're in Dubai the extra shorter call on uber you make variable get lucky and find yourself being driven to your next destination in a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 grand sport it's a stunning piece of machinery and it's sports and a 2L turbocharged w16 engine with 987 horsepower not only will your uber ride look great you'll get there are no time to the price and it's going to be a goalkeeper for anyone out there.

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