Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free part 3

Animated Movie

Making an Animated Movie Course— Paid course for Free part 3


I'm going to mention a lot of different programs in this course but not going to teach you how to use them all individually however you should be familiar with what they can do and what they meant for also know that there are a lot of alternative Zoe's program for example I edit with Premiere Pro but final card or over there are also very popular for film editing I use Maya for my 3D work but blender 3D max Cinema 4D could also work great for you so that said let's quickly go over the different software mentioned in this course first we have all the common Adobe programs if you're working order stores are you have the full Adobe subscription but is an independent filmmaker especially there are a few Adobe programs we always use first is Photoshop and all-purpose photo graphics editing program one of the most basic tools for visual artist we use that for creating the storyboards as well as the visual artwork for Consett art and are posters illustrator for working with vector images use Premiere Pro for editing the film as well as the animatic and previous edition for sound design and mixing and after effects for special effects and motion graphics and title sequences program where used for making tasteful which is Maya Maya is the industry standard for 3D animation visual effects and is an extremely powerful tool for everything from modeling rigging and animating texturing lighting rendering and creating complex Particles and other effects for film TV or games with use new as our main compositing programme where we combined over 3 letters to create the final look for the film reviews after effects for that but I prefer nuke as it is a more dedicated for compositing and visual effects and my cat effect which can do a lot of other things for scriptwriting we recommend scrivener which is great for not only writing scripts but also novels and other types of content great alternatives are final Jeff Celtics and feeding reviews Dropbox for managing or files and folders as well well as slack for communicating within our team so these are the main programs with used to make the phone and we'll get a better idea of how we use them for each task as we progress through the course.

 So now I think it's enough for the introductions let's get into making our animated short 

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