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coming up with ideas

You might already have an idea for your short form and if you don't or you feel like the idea is informed yet let's talk about a cool way to come up with creative ideas coming up with story ideas always hard but they always to make the process much easier and get over this writers block people have the problem is there when you're facing an empty white page return to freak out and go blank that's because the idea you can do anything is scary and will often push you into an action this is why when I need to come up with ideas I like to use the restriction method there is such a method is exactly what it sounds like we love restrictions people need limits in a natural it's the idea that telling someone to draw a tree using only triangles will encouraging more action creativity and telling someone to draw a tree when you restrict yourself in the creative process you can find things you would have never found otherwise I'll tell you how I use that method when I create my second short film lift up when I start working on my next short right after I graduated I knew I will be making over myself so I knew that in order for me to be able to finish it I had to define my limitations my restrictions so I want them down the movie will have only two main characters that usually the minimum for an interesting story will take place in one location and will be under 2 minutes with just these three restrictions I already had a better starting point the most people because I had a structure to work within particular step further are you that I'm not go with pretty mailing so I decided to restrict myself even more I decided that my main characters will be a ball and a cube


Making an Animated Movie

Which are two of the basic 3D shapes available in all three programs as fear and a cube no eyes no legs no arms not only would that make my 3D modelling and rendering process a lot easier also be an amazing challenges an animated to bring life into such a basic shapes so I got all my rules setup and I was trying to come up with an actual story thinking you're breaking down the elements in order to build my story ask myself what is the main difference between a ball and a cube when is round and the other is flat where would that difference be most notice Sybil the first thing that came to mine was walking if you don't have any legs or arms you'll be a lot easier to get around as a ball than a cube already had a conflict between the characters maybe a cube walking slowly down a path and an arrogant ball zooms Iran showing off while the Cuba struggling that's a great start have established between the two characters in foreign interesting dynamic but then I had to find the twist somebody that changes things around so again I ask myself in what case would a cube have the advantage over a ball and the answer was a slope in a downhill slope the ball would just roll quickly but going up the hill will be much easier if you had flat sides so I got something here I have a cube and a ball walking around long road and while the cube is struggling to move around the ball is rolling around freely and marking the cube when they reach a hell the cube Clans easily but the ball can get through will the cube help the ball after its display of arrogance and selfishness that for me to decide as a film Mako but look how much of the story I figured out just by having these limitations I now have a story I would have never thought about that Helen are restricting myself in the process if you haven't already you can watch the Finnish film and see how the story was resolved so next time if you find yourself struggling with the right as blocked listing your own restrictions and limitation and still no idea pops up next I want to go over some programs you should probably be aware of 

And I'll talk about them in the next lesson 

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