What is the Fiverr website?


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This is the first lesson in the Fiverr work course, in which we will introduce you to the Fiverr website and how it works.

We will share with you a bunch of information about it.

What is the Fiverr website?

Fiverr: It is a site specialized in the field of self-employment, specifically in providing small services. It is an intermediary site between service providers (like you), and customers who buy services.

Fiverr is an integrated platform whose role is: managing, organizing, and coordinating the purchase and sale operations between service providers and their requesters in full, in a manner that guarantees the rights of both parties.

Fiverr is a company from the Hassoub group of companies, aiming to help young people generate income through their skills and interests. And also helping employers to find useful services at reasonable prices.

Information about the Fiverr website

1- On the Fiverr website, the price of the service starts from only $5, but the price may reach many times higher after adding developments (the service price may exceed $200 and more after adding developments) a service provider on Fiverr work from home jobs.

What is meant by developments here: They are specific advantages of the service in terms of quality, quantity, speed of implementation, or the service's expansion to include other aspects (such as delivering a PSD file in the case of design services, for example) work from home.

2- Fiverr deducts 20% commission, for every sale you sell on the site, the commission is deducted from the seller, for example, if the service you provide is $5, you will earn only $4 and the site takes a $1 commission, in exchange for the mediation service it provides.

3- When you reach the minimum profit of $10, you can withdraw your money. Or use it to purchase services on the site (you can buy and sell services through one account on Fiverr)

4- Fiverr has strict laws to protect the rights of the seller and the buyer.

Therefore, as a seller, you should carefully browse the terms and laws of the site and avoid breaking them, because breaking the rules here may cause your account to be banned and your profits withheld!

Payment methods and receiving money on Fiverr

First for the buyer

Fiverr service applicants can purchase services through a PayPal account, credit cards, or through account balances (here it is meant that the profits from the sale can be used to purchase services from Fiverr) This is considered from jobs from home

It is worth noting that the Fiverr account can be charged in advance, and the balance can be used to purchase services later.

Second, for the seller

The only way Fiverr allows sellers to pay is through PayPal.

But because there are a lot of problems related to PayPal in the Arab countries, there is another way through which you can get your payments on Fiverr, and that is through payment agents also advise you to check your taxes through turbotax work from home.

Payment agents are not employees of Fiverr, but rather they act as a third party that facilitates the payment process for sellers in exchange for a set commission.

The payment agent is usually someone you can communicate with, agree to withdraw your winnings to their personal PayPal account, and then transfer the money to you via one of the methods they provide (such as Western Union).

Of course, payment agents charge commissions for performing this service, and this commission varies from one agent to another.

Update: The Payment Agents page has been removed from the Fiverr website And Pfeiffer is one of the best online jobs from home.

Read also: Explanation of creating a PayPal account

What kind of services can you provide on Fiverr?

Although there are general classifications of services that you can provide on Fiverr, and there are special classifications determined by Fiverr, but you can provide any service on Fiverr, as long as you see that there is an expected demand for your service it is time business online to make money.

But in any case, these are the main classifications of services that you can provide on Fiverr:

  • Business (e-commerce, voice, legal and financial services, etc.)
  • Advice and advice (marketing, legal, financial, etc.)
  • Programming and development
  • Remote training (in languages, skills, etc.)
  • E-marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Design (image, logo, banner...etc)
  • Technology (data entry, solving Windows problems, etc.)
  • Writing and translation (from English to French, writing articles, writing stories..etc)

As I mentioned above, you have to be a broader viewer, if you have an idea outside the box, just choose the general classification that fits your service idea and includes it.

To obtain all general and sub-categories of Fiverr services:

Go to the main page of Fiverr, then click on “Browse Sections” in the blacktop bar.

Fiverr website features

One of the most important features of the Fiverr website is that it opens the door wide for everyone who wants to work on the Internet, whatever their qualifications, whatever their experience, whatever their age.

The field on Fiverr is open to everyone, so to start on Fiverr, you do not have to be from a certain category.

Even if you do not have a certain skill, you can work on five and make a good profit as long as you want to learn...

You just have to think about what other people need, and you can give it to them with some learning and research.

Every person has something special, and all you have to do is extract your special thing, and formulate it in the form of a service or services that you offer on Fiverr, and you will inevitably find someone who needs it

The Fiverr website is also characterized by the ease of dealing between the seller and the buyer, and this supports the speed of making purchase decisions by the service seekers, and on the other hand, it helps you as a buyer to complete the sale process in record time.

The bottom line here is that the automatic and pre-configured system that Fiverr puts in place, saves a lot of time and effort for all parties.

Fiverr is an USA site, and dealing with it is in USA. This is a very important feature for many who do not speak English well.

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