How to choose the services you will provide on Fiverr

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This is the second lesson in the Fiverr work course, in which we will talk: How to choose the services you will provide on Fiverr.

Now that you know the Fiverr website and understand how it works, and how it represents an opportunity to work and make profits through the Internet.

How to choose the services you will provide on Fiverr?

We will not waste time on how to create an account on Fiverr because you simply register with your email and phone number and activate the account from the confirmation numbers that you will receive on your phone and email, it's the turn to start talking about the services that you can provide on Fiverr.

Adding services is an extremely important and dangerous element, and it greatly affects your success, so we will dedicate a special lesson to it to talk about it from several aspects in detail.

In this lesson, we will talk about how to choose the services that you will provide on Fiverr. In this lesson, I will help you how to choose the right services for you on the right basis, so that you can succeed.

How do you determine the services you will provide on Fiverr?

1- Open a new Word file or paper and pen as you like, and sit with yourself for a while (brainstorming session).

The goal of this session is to extract every skill you know, everything you are good at, feel that you can provide it as a service on Fiverr, and expect that someone will need this service. You will find a lot of skills and experience without all of them.

2- Ask yourself: What does the Arab market need now? In what field does it grow and expand? What service can I provide for this growing market or this ever-expanding field?

3- Open the Fiverr website and see the services sections, which are eight main sections under which other subsections fall.

I have a look at the ideas of third party services, you will discover more services that you can provide, without that too...

4- View the service classifications on the home page of the Fiverr website.

You will find three main categories: selected services - newly added services - distinguished services. From these categories, check out the services listed at the bottom of each category, and you will find ideas raining down on you.

5- During your search, you will find that you have met services and skills that you do not fully master, but with a little learning you can master them, so also add these things, in a separate aspect, that you will need later.

6- Check out the best-selling people and the services they provide, you can extract more services that have a great demand, and you will find successful models for these services that you can benefit from, whether directly or indirectly.

Tips for choosing the services to provide on Fiverr

1- Let excellence and offering something of quality and value be your motto always. The important thing is not what you can offer, but how you can provide this thing with quality, and how to be a strong competitor to other sellers.

2- In order on the previous point, do not start creating a new service, unless you are confident in your ability to provide it efficiently. One service that you are famous for, and achieve good sales through it, is better than four who do not have sales, because you do not provide them efficiently, but the best, Of course, it is four successful services.

3- Be flexible in the choice of your services, and modify it when necessary to match the demand. The goal here is to reconcile your skills with the demand market so that you can reach a point: providing a service that results from your true interests, and at the same time it is in great demand in Fiverr.

4- More specialized services have less demand, but competition is easier, and less specialized services have greater demand, but competition is more difficult. An example of less specialized services: essay writing service.

Example of more specialized services: writing news articles about football.

The challenge here for you as a seller is to provide the service with the level of specialization that best suits you, that you can compete in providing, and on the other hand, this service has a reasonable demand that enables you to achieve a good level of sales.

5- It is important to pay attention to something very dangerous, which is that your choice of the type of services you will provide, must be based on a correct criterion, and that criterion is “the extent of the value and quality of the service you provide.”

Some services will be in high demand, but they do not provide real value to the buyer.

These types of services, even if they make profits for their providers in the beginning, but the inevitable thing for them is the collapse of the seller’s reputation, and his obtaining a lot of negative evaluations, which will make him disappear and disappear from the five before he even begins...

I hope that the points presented in this lesson will help you to choose the services that you intend to provide on Fiverr.

Now let's move on to the next lesson, which talks about a more advanced point.

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