The stages of successfully selling your service on Fiverr


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The stages of successfully selling your service on Fiverr

First-order the service

When someone requests to purchase your service, you will receive a message on your e-mail informing you of this. You will also receive a notification on your account on the Khamsat website stating that there is a new request - you will find the notification above the word incoming requests in your account. When you click on the word incoming requests, you will find the request.

You will find these data in the order: order number, service address, order value, buyer's name, and order status.

Service status maybe "Waiting for instructions". You will then know that the buyer has requested the service, but has not sent any messages within the order.

But if you find the status of the service is “Implementation in progress”, this means that the customer has requested the service and has already left you a message telling you what he specifically wants, and in all cases, you will click on the service address to Move to the request.

Note: If the customer has left a message, in this case, it is assumed that the message left is: A response to the instructions you requested to implement the service.

Secondly, understand the details of the service accurately and clearly to start implementation

Your understanding of the details of the service depends on a statement of instructions to the buyer, which you wrote while creating the service, so I would like to emphasize once again to leave clear instructions for the buyer, to help you understand exactly what he wants and then the service will like it workday.

Here is an example of the instructions you would ask the buyer for assuming you provide an article writing service:

Greetings in advance, then thank you for your service request.

Please explain your request accurately, the field of the article required, and its title or keywords, which you would like to focus on in your article. You can also leave a link to your site for me to see workday login

I write according to the nature of its content.

Sometimes some buyers do not write their orders accurately, in this case, you have to send the buyer a letter asking for clear and detailed instructions work from home jobs.

Then you can communicate with the customer with a message stating that you have received his response, that you have understood his request, and work is underway to implement the service.

Third, the implementation of the service and its delivery to the customer

After you finish the service and write two articles, then you will send a message to the client, telling him that you have completed the required work, and you hope that the work will be admired and be the beginning of a continuous work between you work from home.

Always make your goal in dealing with any client, that the work is permanent and continuous between you, and this will follow you to mention in your letter that.

You must state in your service delivery letter that you are ready for any modifications or accept any feedback. This is a very important point teleworking.

Then either you compress the two articles into one file, attach the file and then send your message, or send the service twice each time you send one of the two articles in the form of a Word file.. (Khamsat does not allow sending more than one file in one message).

After you have sent the files, you will have to wait for the customer's responsibility.

Fourth, complete the service completely after making the modifications, if any

If the customer responds to you that he liked the work, then you will thank him for his good treatment. And inform him that you will mark the service as finished, to get his evaluation on the service working day...

After you receive an approval response, you can mark the service as finished, and this is done by placing a checkmark in front of the word “The required work has been completed.”

Then you write a message and press send, and the service will be terminated, here you will find that your balance has become $ 4 after deducting one dollar for the value of the service money talk.

But if the customer replied after you sent the files to him, that the service needs to be modified, then you have to understand the modifications accurately, then implement what the customer requests, send the modified files back to him and then wait for his response.

If you implement the modifications, then you will be able to follow the above-mentioned steps, to mark the service as finished.

An evaluation system for each sale on Fiverr

The seller has the right to evaluate any service he requests, whether the service is marked as expired or even canceled, so you must be very careful to build a distinguished reputation on Fiverr. By getting the most positive reviews.

Also, the seller has the right to evaluate the service more than once, if he requested it more than once, and the last evaluation of the seller is installed.

For example, if a buyer purchases a service and then evaluates it positively, then buys the same service again, he will have the right, in this case, to rate it again, and that last evaluation will remain and the first evaluation will be deleted.

So strive to get positive reviews, and don't underestimate your efforts when you get a positive review.

Your effort must continue to maintain your success, as these evaluations may later be a source of convincing many buyers to buy from you without hesitation.

What do I do if my service does not satisfy the customer?

In this case, you will be given the choice between marking the service as expired and obtaining a negative evaluation, or agreeing with the customer to return his money, provided that he does not rate the service negatively after cancellation.

Of course, the best for you is the second case. A negative evaluation will harm your service in the long run, and losing $4 is not worth the risk.

As for how to obtain purchase orders in the first place, this depends on two main parts:

First: the quality of the services you provide as a seller, and the excellence in presenting these services in your account attractively and strikingly, and this is what has been covered so far in the previous lessons.

Second: Marketing your services to get more purchase orders. Yes, there is a marketing effort that you have to do to get more purchase orders to make a good profit, and this is what we will talk about in detail in upcoming lessons.

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