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In the context of talking about the element of marketing your services to achieve the highest level of profits, we talked in the previous lesson: about how to market your services through the Fiverr website itself, whether through the Fiverr community with its sections or the Fiverr blog.

Marketing your services outside Fiverr

In this lesson, we will continue our conversation about marketing as well, we will talk about marketing your services outside Fiverr through the most popular and appropriate e-marketing channels.

In the beginning, we will briefly and in points: a set of ideas for marketing your services outside Fiverr.

Then we will talk in more detail about:

  • Marketing through social media
  • Marketing through a personal blog

First, ideas for marketing your services on Fiverr

1- Marketing your services through your blog.

The first and easiest way to market your services outside of Fiverr is through your website or personal blog.

If you don't have one, you can simply create one, even if it's a free blog.

We'll talk about that in some detail later.

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2- Marketing by writing promotional articles for your services and publishing them on third-party blogs linkedin marketing.

Which is to write articles related to your field to appear as an expert in this field, and then customers will contact you about their desire to do business with you work from home.

3- Marketing your services through social media pages.

You can make a name for yourself as an expert in a specific field through social networking sites.

Then you can achieve better sales of your services. (We will discuss this in detail later)

4- You can also market your services by making paid advertising campaigns (with good targeting, you can achieve great results)

5- Marketing your services on Fiverr, through marketing videos email marketing.

Upload videos on YouTube, in which you talk about your services on Fiverr, either directly or indirectly, and put the link to your service on Fiverr in the video description work from home jobs.

Also, do not forget the Facebook videos, because they are of great importance and are constantly growing, especially in the recent period.

Second, the marketing of Fiverr services on social media

There are two strategies you can use in marketing your services:

The first is to use your account in marketing for yourself, as a professional in your field, and for your followers.

Second: Create a page or private group to market your services on Fiverr make money online.

Whether you use this method or that, you should follow these tips to get the best results, and achieve good sales for your service or your services on Fiverr:

  • Among the most famous social networking sites that you should focus on at the beginning: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube workday.
  • Create a professional account on LinkedIn, and put in it the skills you are good at (this is a very important point for you)
  • Create engaging, valuable, and useful content that encourages everyone who reads it to share, trade, and interact with it.
  • Take advantage of the potential offered by social networking sites, such as shares, comments, retweets, likes, etc.
  • A professional comment on the publication of one of the pioneers in your field, may attract your customers and achieve sales on Fiverr.
  • Almost all social networking sites allow you to put a link to your site (in the information part about you), use this feature to put your account link on Fiverr so that everyone who visits your account can find it workday login.
  • Building a relationship with your potential customers is very necessary, and you should strive to achieve this relationship, through which you will be in direct contact with them, so do not skimp on free help or answer a question or inquiry from your followers.

Share with the followers samples of your work and listen to their opinions, on the one hand, will help you develop, and on the one hand, it will make you closer to your potential customers social media.

Third, marketing five services through a personal blog

Creating a free personal blog that expresses you and your field of work, will not cost you a lot of time and effort, and in return will bring you more great marketing benefits.

Creating a blog will increase your value as a service provider, whether on Fiverr or other platforms. By sending your blog link to one of your potential clients, they will show you as a professional with their website marketing.

Here are some tips for marketing Fiverr services through your blog

1- I am interested in designing the blog to appear as a professional, and put a contact us page and your phone number on it for ease of communication with you linkedin marketing.

2- You can write some short articles about the field of your services, in which you share your experience in this field,

This may bring you some traffic through search engines.

3- Create a business gallery inside the blog, and whenever you carry out work, whether inside or outside Fiverr, you can add it to this business gallery.

4- Publish these links of your blog on your pages on social networking sites (make marketing on social media

Social and personal blog marketing work complementary together)

5- You can make a landing page (a specially designed page with the specifications of your services, its most important features, and models for example) on your blog, and start creating paid campaigns on Facebook, for example, get visitors, and then get sales on Fiverr.

We will suffice with this much about marketing your services.

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